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Aphelia is more than just another Discord bot: it allows you to create tickets, custom commands, economies, all within Discord. It also branches to features outside of Discord, hermes currently being the most used. Aphelia manages to have new features released frequently while still offerring unparalleled simplicity. Simplicity without sacrificing features and listening to our end-users are the two core principles that define Aphelia: we want the end user to have the best experience possible, as you, the end user, are the one that Aphelia should benefit the most. Simplicity is baked in to all of our products—tickets use Discord’s own interface for setting up permissions, and Hermes takes fewer than 5 steps to install. We’re also always listening to our users: many of our most popular features all started from a user created suggestion—many of them through the Aphelia !suggest command (which you can also use yourself to make a suggestion system on your Discord ) on our Discord. What are you waiting for? Try Aphelia out now!


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